A company’s IT is an integral component of its business. As a business partner, not only is it used to implement business process requirements, it is also responsible for ensuring that technological innovation finds its way into business processes and business strategy.

This is one of the responsibilities of the Board’s CIO strategic partner.

Our reliable approach in numerous client projects is based on the integration of business and IT across the whole range of strategic IT management services. The range consists of four divisions:

  • IT governance
  • IT performance
  • IT sourcing

Based on a company’s strategy, we review and design all relevant aspects of an IT strategy. In doing this, we focus on the implementation of technical requirements, organisation and cost.

  • EAM design and implementation
  • IT configuration planning
  • IT processes

From managing IT in the context of an integrated business architecture (EA) to the strategic planning of the IT configuration, we make connections at all levels absolutely clear.

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Portfolio governance

Considering IT projects as a portfolio is the starting point for effective strategy implementation and efficient resource management.

  • Cloud strategy
  • IT innovation management

We proactively analyse innovative solutions in the IT environment and evaluate them within the context of their optimal use in the company. The Cloud Quick Check enables your company to make an initial decision on location on the subject of Cloud strategy.

A high degree of business orientation is a key factor in the success of strategic IT management. Our clients benefit from:

  • The years of experience gained by our professional team, based on a wide range of consultancy projects delivered
  • A strategy and process-focused top-down approach
  • High levels of efficiency as a result of focusing at an early stage on value-adding or business-critical process areas
  • Systematic integration of management and departments, consequently ensuring understanding and acceptance of outputs
  • A comprehensive method/toolkit
  • Up-to-date analyses of innovative technologies and their impacts on industries and businesses
  • Informed expertise on trends in IT and process management