Thanks to a wide selection of cockpits, maps, tables and other data-aware objects, BOARD software users can easily create and management customised dashboards. These dashboards representations provide a visual overview of corporate performance and of the main trends and factors affecting it . Latest-generation graphic animations and containers such as thumbnails, carousels and tab screens ensure that key data are represented with ground-breaking clarity. Native drill-down and drill-through functions enable users to examine the information down to the lowest level of detail, for immediate and in-depth analyses. Contact us to see examples of BOARD corporate business intelligence dashboard software system.


- Drill-through and ad-hoc queries for more detail about what the dashboard shows you. 

- Wide variety of visualization options to show performance indicators including gauges, stoplights, thermometers and cockpits.

- Self-service dashboarding creation and customization.

- A single integrated software system environment to manage data from different core areas such as sales, marketing, finance, HR, logistics, and distribution.

- Adaptable to any data source.