BOARD enables users to quickly create any kind of corporate report, from simple spreadsheets to multiple-page graphic booklets, simply by positioning and configuring data aware objects on the screen, with no need for any programming. Three-dimensional graphs, cockpits, maps and new generation animations, such as thumbnails and carousels, make it possible to create customized, interactive graphic layouts, enabling more intuitive data visualisation and interaction. The revolutionary business intelligence reporting tools approach combines conventional reporting functions with Performance Management applications tools in an integrated software environment, empowering any user to make decisions based on a single, shared, coherent information base.


- A single integrated framework for reporting, viewing, querying, analyzing and running your CPM applications

- Adaptable to any data source

- Self-service reporting

- Self-service business user view of data

- Unlimited report authors and consumers

- Ad-hoc and managed reporting tools

- Multiple export formats: Excel, XML, HTML, and CSV

- Flexible distribution methods: centralized access, personalized access, email, application integration, MS Office

- Multi-lingual capabilities to automatically deliver reports in users' working language

- Conditional alerting capability to let users manage by exception, focusing on the areas of the business that need more attention.