Sage X3 offers four platforms covering Manufacturing Discrete, Manufacturing Process, Services and Distribution general sectors.  Industry specific solutions are developed (and are available) based on these four generic platforms.  Sage X3 PLATFORM approach ensures AGILITY and ability to develop specific custom solutions meeting each Industry and client need.  Sage X3 has the most advanced technological platform in top 10 Tier 1 / 2 ERP Products available with superb and easy development platform fully coverign the new mobility paradigm.  

Sage X3 V7 is considered the 4th generation ERP platform.  With availability of Sage X3 and the new approach on enterprise business management systems the days of heavy, time consuming, expensive and rigid Tier 1 and Tier 2 solutions has come to an end.  While others claim "simplicity" Sage X3 delivers SIMPLICITY and AGILITY.

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