Sage X3 comprises a number of features and functions designed to help manage your business’s sophisticated processes, transactions and relationships. It can manage specific areas such as manufacturing, inventory, warehousing, purchasing, finance, customer relationship and even electronic document systems. We will put together a flexible and cost effective package of features that give you control and confidence.
All the key information about your business will be held in a single, innovative and comprehensive management tool that is simple and intuitive to use. Better integration and the ability to plan with accurate real-time information will improve your productivity and help you make the right decisions. It will reduce your costs and lead times, deliver better service to your customers and help you seize new opportunities effectively.

Discover our Main Features below:

Inventory Management
Warehouse Management
Customer Relationship Management

Sage Application Framework

                                                      X3 Modules

Sage X3, a business solution that meets a decision maker's challenges


- Ensuring the sustainability, Profitibility and efficiency of my business

- Becomming more responsive (a real-time view of all our activities)

- Becomming more agile

- Creating more value


- Delivering financial Reports at the right time

- Managing and reducing risk

- Making financial data more reliable and easier to audit: Financial traceability guaranteeing financial information

- Managing corporate Performance: KPI (analyzing & forcasting)

- Improving the efficiency of financial processes


- Managing and optimizinglogistical and industrial flows

- Optimising and adapting demand planning

- Controlling operational margins and costs

- Maintaining 360- degree oversight of distribution and industrial sites

- Ensuring client service quality levels


- Having a durable investment software platform ready for growth

- Respecting budgets and planning

- Facilitating IT team and user adaption

- Ensuring ease of integration and operability

End Users:

- User Interfaces

- Role-based concepts

- Personalization

- Collaboration Features

- Ease of use

- More integrated analytics features

- Occasionally access an ERP system

You can also visit the Sage X3 web site for further information.