Our Corporate Value is supported by four aspirations and enduring values that guide all of our work:

- Serve our clients as primary counselors on overall performance

         - It's very important to us to combine the notions of impact and professional approach, because we could each be impeccable in our approaches yet not necessarily achieve the impact to which we aspire. We want to make a difference in the institutions we serve individually, while collectively serving enough leading institutions so as to have broader impact on the business community and society.

- Deliver the best of the firm to every client

         - A professional services company is as good as its team assigned to the client. This team has to convey professionalism and overall team and corporate KNOWLEDGE. It is essential to drive to develop KNOWLEDGE and to convey that KNOWLEDGE to every client, every time.

- Create and unrivaled environment for superior talent

        - To maintain our quality standards and achieve our mission statements it is essential to attract and maintain the kind of people we want to attract. This is extremely challenging proposition operating in third world country but it is one we intend to address.

         - Dedication to people development is essential to maintaining our long-term competitiveness. If you come here, we make the implicit promise that we're going to provide you with developmental opportunities you cannot equal anywhere in this country.

- Govern ourselves through a values-driven partnership

          - This is about how we manage ourselves and what kind of organization we want to be. This is not a firm of leader and followers; it is a firm of leaders who want to have the freedom to do what they think is right for the institution. From your very first day with us, you're not only expected to do your assigned task, you're expected to step forward and do something about the issues and opportunities you care about. The only way we can keep such a large collection of outstanding leaders is through self-governance so that people feel that they can control their own destiny and that they can make a difference in this place.