General qualification

- Fluent and able to read, write and listen to English language texts at texts at least at intermediate level

- Knowledge of Arabic, Turkish or Farsi/Persian Languages

- Commitment to work and career path of choosing and adherence to corporate and team orientation

- Having at least two (2) years of experience in the related fields

- Holding a minimum of bachelor's or equivalent practical experience in the related fields from leading Universities

- Must be highly motivated, team player and be able to travel locally and /or internationally.

- Master degree from leading institutions or equivalent domain expertise certifications are preferred.

We have experiencing rapid growth and have opportunities in our operations in Dubai, Istanbul and Tehran for the following specialities.

CPM Consultants

- Budget Planning and ABC/M Experience

- Experience in Budget Consolidation

- Experience in CPM or BI

- Experience in Strategic Management and BSC

BI Consultants

- Experience in Analytics and BI

- Experience in Datawarehouse and Databases

BPM Consultants

- Industrial Engineers with minimum of Masters degree

- Knowledge of BPM And BPMS fundementals

- Experience in ARIS or other leading BPM platforms.

Financial consultants

- ERP Experience and Mastery over Financial, cost, or Project accounting principles and methodologies

- Experience with Implementation /support of software application for accounting, inventory and / or Logistics

- Experience in COA coding in line with company operational environment and / or requirements is a plus

Logistcs Consultants

- Industrial engineers with focus in system analysis

- Experience in Inventory Management and Supply Chain Management

- Experience in AR/AP processes and cost models

Manufacturing consultants

- industrial engineers With focus in system Analysis or production

- Acquainted with ERP, APS ,MRP I/II ,or BOM systems

- Knowledge of Process, Discrete and Mixed mode manufactudring.

- Knowledge of Manufacturing to Order (MTO), Assembly to Stock (ATS) and Manufacturing to Stock (MTS) processes.

- Practically experienced with production related softwares and methodologies

ERP Technical consultants

- Computer science majors with programming experience or domain expertise in accounting, inventory, Sales and Distribution and manufacturing software Applications and functionality.

- Acquainted with enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, HRM, CPM, BI or BPM

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