Thanks to innovative graphic functions, BOARD makes it possible to easily create sophisticated Strategy Maps and Scorecards, combining striking visual appeal with outstanding effectiveness in illustrating corporate strategy.

The integration of BI and PM provides an interactive link between the visual representation of KPIs and the data, thus giving all users a customized and updated view of their performance against set goals.

Users can make in-depth analyses of the trends highlighted by the dashboards Scorecards by using the native drill-down and drill-through functions to explore the events and dynamics affecting the various KPIs to the lowest level of detail.


- Drill-through to access other data sources and reports for more detail about what the dashboard shows you

- Alerts and notifications to keep you aware of when a metric changes status

- Empower anyone in your organization to monitor and analyze performance-easily

- Easy to customize for any type of scorecarding - balanced or otherwise

- Interactive strategy maps creation

- Multi-lingual: metrics can be populated in any language and then displayed in users' preferred language.

- Wide variety of visualization options to show performance indicators including gauges, stoplights, thermometers and cockpits