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Recognizing the breadth of agricultural barriers from farming to forestry, these companies have varying needs in dealing with complexities such as compartmental ratios, traceability, cut conversions and deforestation, Sage X3 software offers a choice of solutions ranging from linked compartment cost allocation attachments to full-featured, integrated production solutions covering process plants, fruit and forestry, saw mills and new energy business.

The key features that drive the success of Sage X3 implementation in this environment include:

- Powerful compartment cost calculations to ensure accurate costing, forecasting and reporting per machine, per farm, per contractor as needed.
- Fully-integrated deforestation tools that handle identification, scheduling and radio frequency bar coding that deliver process efficiency.
- Comparison of inter compartmental ratios and performance delivered via Business Intelligence reporting anywhere, anytime with drill down analysis.
- Powerful conversion factors allowing orders to be entered in lengths or dimensions and converting to cubed metres for stock allocation.
- For sawmills, useful log cut calculation tables which allow sales orders to acquire the necessary information directly from inventory further eliminating unnecessary procedures and streamlining processes.
- Management, reporting and comparison of farmer and contractor production and performance levels.
- Warehouse management is entirely integrated in the suite and ensures proper goods received allowing complex packing procedures on shipment and reporting that will maximize available space and inventory turnaround.
- Integration to on site capital equipment such as sprinklers and graders to deliver true cost of farming
- Management of formulas and recipes, potency, by-products, multiple packaging units per product, shelf-life, lot control and traceability, specific gravity, weight calculations ... and much more!