Globalization has intensified competition in your market -- and created amazing opportunities for growth. Capitalize on the potential with Sage X3 Distribution software. Flexible and industry-specific, this wholesale trade ERP management system improves the efficiency of your global exchanges and easily adapts to business changes and growth. 

Expand into new geographic markets, source new suppliers, acquire or merge with other companies, improve logistics operations domestically and abroad, and more.
Sage X3 Distribution software enables you to meet the multi-national requirements especially important in mixed manufacturing and distribution environments, particularly for managing multiple currencies, languages, legislations and sites.

Ideally suited to wholesalers that purchase goods for resale to end-user customers or other sources within the supply chain, Sage X3 is equally effective in managing the distribution and warehousing function of disperse manufacturers -particularly if you manufacture products overseas but distribute in North America. Need robust importing functionality? Take advantage of Sage X3's sophisticated wholesale trade ERP and inventory allocation routines and automated landed cost calculations.

Fully integrated, end-to-end functionality

Sage X3 wholesale distribution software also includes a full suite of applications to help you control costs and improve service, including:
- Warehouse management
- Flexible inventory sourcing and allocation
- Line item details
- Sophisticated pricing and promotion management
- Logistics
- Customer relationship management
- After-sales service

Additional support for your distribution operations, particularly in warehousing and logistics, is built right in. Unlike other bolt-on solutions, Sage X3 Data Collection is available out of the box as a pre-packaged solution that includes Sage X3 software, middleware and industry-leading data collection hardware’ seamlessly connect it to your radio frequency devices and other data collection equipment.

Sage X3 Shipping is an optional wholesale distribution ERP software interface to best-of-breed shipping systems for companies distributing high volumes of small packet shipments in multi-carrier environments. Features including rate-shopping, web-based shipment tracking, and automated customer e-mail shipment notifications enable you to better service customers and save on shipping costs.