Improve your global business management and your bottom line with the first-class functionality of Sage ERP X3 for Multichannel Retailers. A fully integrated extension of Sage ERP X3 Distribution software, Sage ERP X3 for Multichannel Retailers is designed to meet the specific needs of mid-sized multichannel retailers and direct marketers with extensive, cost-effective functionality in key areas including marketing & campaign management, merchandising, pricing & promotion and much more.

Real-time responses to your customers' urgent needs

Improve your customers’ experience and build loyalty by responding to queries in real time with Sage ERP X3 direct marketing software. Access critical information throughout the system with just a click and accurately respond to any customer request. A fuzzy-logic order entry screen quickly searches existing records — and prevents duplicate records — as users capture partial information from a customer on the fly, such as a postal code or a misspelled customer name.

Powerful business intelligence updated in real time 

Determine how an item, customer segment, or geography contributes to sales revenue, identify customers’ most and least favorite items, track buying trends, build relevant targets for new campaigns and more with Sage ERP X3’s robust business intelligence engine. Powered by leading Business Objects™ technology, this intuitive, fully-integrated business insights tool enables you to analyze customer data and business performance on the fly, and in real time.

Value-added functionality for more dynamic direct marketing Build your competitive advantage with these additional direct marketing software capabilities included in the Sage ERP X3 Multichannel Retail application module:

- Fuzzy logic customer search and order entry
- Complex order line capabilities (campaign to line for pricing, apparel entry, cost breakout, rolled goods entry, special handling codes, freight options)
- Coupon and gift certificate management
- Mixed payment method and split credit cards
- Advanced and assisted campaign targeting (predefined filters, targeting wizard)
- Campaign planning and follow-up
- Customer points/loyalty program management
- Phone integration for productivity tracking and customer identification
- Multiple pick and schedule methods for low quantity/high volume orders
- Multiple allocation methods for distribution of third party charges into inventory value
- Ready-to-use BI universes for sales & marketing analysis
Learn more about Sage ERP X3 Distribution software core functions for sales, CRM, warehousing, purchasing and finance. You can also download the application module datasheet.