From Business Strategy to Operational Excellence

Azadisoft is the leading provider of Management Consulting and  Information Technology (IT) Services in greater Middle East covering PGCC, Turkey and Iran. Azadisoft, is dedicated to enterprise and mid-large market segment and has created a portfolio of services and products covering the need and requirements of these companies.  While supporting multi-nationals operating in this region we help local enterprises with global and multi-national aspirations to establish the needed business management system infrastructure enabling them to go multi-national.

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We offer a complete range of Management Accounting and Business Management Systems covering Strategy, Performance and Operational management. Read more


Best of Breed (BOB) and availability of AGILE platform has been a key determinant in selecting our product offering. See how our products and services offer the lean delivery of our solutions and with highest customer satisfaction.  The days of heavy, technical, expensive, time consuming and rigid solution delivery are over. Read more


Our service offering utilizes the leading implementation methodologies and needed internal infrastructure to support these services. From Proof-Of-Concept (POC), Implementation,Customization,Development, and after ao-live support we offer complete service for implementation and maintenance of these leading solutions. Read more


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