For local companies going multi-national offers huge challenges.  Having sophistacated processes and requirements while dealing with management and information technology budget and human capital constraints and while operating multi nationally covering multiple accounting standards introduces challenges that needs to be met.

To achieve the above goal, Azadisoft has selected wide range Best Of Breed (BOB) solutions to address this wide ranging mid market needs.

Availability of Management Consulting practice covering advanced financial functionality such as Consolidation, Budget Planning, Corporate Perforamnce Management, Balanced Scorecard (BSC) at affordable prices and delivery terms should not be limited to large multi-nationals. We aim to make the above leading management best practices afordable to local enterprises.


To this aim we have selected best of breed solutions covering these requirements including:

- Sage X3 - next generation of business management system from Sage Software for ERP, HRM and CRM functionality.

- Board CPM/BI platform from Board International covering CPM, BI, Profitability Analysis (ABC), Strategic Management (BSC), and Budget Consolidiation and Planning.